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The wine lives here!

    The THRACIAN RIDER is the first wine created by our winery. The rare for the country  variety of “Alexandria Misket", as well as the technology of its creation, make it significantly  distinguished from everything already known and conventional.

    The wine we create is the peculiar revival of that highly developed viticulture that has been  existing in our lands for over two millennia. Following the ancient practices and covenants,  adding a gist of our modern times, we created the unique THRACIAN RIDER.

    It remains a mystery, what exactly was the taste of the old wines created by the ancient  winemakers. Were they sweet and aromatic or they were thick and tart? By fully reiterating all known conditions – from the method of growing of grapes to wine-making, we were able to bring to life the magical tastes described in myths and legends from the ancient time of Orpheus.

    The THRACIAN RIDER’S mission is to provide true representation of the sense of  authenticity, even in the smallest details. Every single sip of this wine seems to bring us closer to the sensations experienced by those ancient people to whom nowadays we owe all our knowledge and skills. Thanks to the continuity between generations in our region, an invisible bridge is cast between ancient antiquity and the modern times.

    Today we can proudly call ourselves vine-growers and wine-makers, honoring with our  efforts the former masters of this craft. This is the way we express our appreciation, gratitude, and respect for them.

The moment when every sunrise and sunset, every drop of morning dew, every trembling and  hope is invested, tested and lived to give birth to the wine is divine.

Grape harvesting

    Without doubt, the most special time of the year for us is the grape harvesting. The grapes we  select for our wine are entirely from the family vineyards; it is hand-picked in special cages  that prevent crushing, bruising and damage of the grain integrity.

    A small part of the secret of our wine is hidden in the organization of harvesting. It is  extremely important for us that from the time of picking of the bunch, until the moment of its grinding, not more than one hour has passed! Thus, we do our best to preserve as much as possible the freshness and palatability of the grapes, which in the process of subsequent processing give the specific taste to the wine.



с. Брестовица, община Родопи, област Пловдив ПК 4224,
ул. Александър Стамболийски, № 37



Tel: +359 886 55 31 49
Tel: +359 888 85 47 37

The cellar

"Dzhinvira" Winery is a small family winery located in the center of the village Brestovitsa.


37 Alexander Stamboliiski Str.
Brestovitsa village 4224, Rhodope municipality, Plovdiv region, Bulgaria