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Come visit us

    We promise you an unforgettable experience for the spirit, body and senses. You will get  immersed in the magic of a long-past civilization; we will show you a real kaleidoscope of  millennial cultural layers in the region; we will help you expand your outlook; we will show  you things you could not imagine, and only after having gone through all this spiritual wealth,  we will look to the future to see it through the outlines of the past.

    We will take a walk through the vineyard, about which the story goes, that the EARTH  chooses its owners. We will tell you extraordinary stories which, if you dare, you could experience yourself to be sure of their power and truthfulness.

    We will show you around the cellar, you will get an idea about the technology and all the  processes of the sacrament of how sparkling wine is born from the grape juice.

    You will have a rare chance to enjoy a real bouquet of flavors and tastes that oblivion and  years have covered with a thick patina until recently.

Please call us before visiting us to make sure we will be entirely at your disposal.



с. Брестовица, община Родопи, област Пловдив ПК 4224,
ул. Александър Стамболийски, № 37



Tel: +359 886 55 31 49
Tel: +359 888 85 47 37

The cellar

"Dzhinvira" Winery is a small family winery located in the center of the village Brestovitsa.


37 Alexander Stamboliiski Str.
Brestovitsa village 4224, Rhodope municipality, Plovdiv region, Bulgaria