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Where the sun's rays first touch the Earth,
Where the past meets the future,
Where time runs at its own pace,
Where the Earth keeps its secrets,
This is where the grapes live!

    The vineyards are located in the ancient Thracian land, in the vicinity of the village  Brestovitsa, where the nature, centuries-old wine traditions and mystic antiquity merge into a unique atmosphere.

The area

    The area where the vineyards are grown nowadays was part of the bottom of a prehistoric  world ocean known in the studies as TETIS. Part of the uniqueness of the terroir is due to the fact that here is one of the most fertile alluvial soils on the Balkan peninsula. It is no coincidence that this particular place has been chosen for cultivation of vine plantations for wine-making by some of the most famous ancient winemakers - the pilgrims of Dionysus/Bacchus/Zagrey/Sabazius - THRACIANS.

The terroir – a gift and a challenge!

    It is no secret that the superb qualities of the grapes making the wine unique, are due to the  terroir to a great extent. The climate is temperate continental, with best rainfall distribution  throughout the period of vegetation of plantations. Being located at the foot of the Rhodopes Mountains and in close proximity to the Vacha river, the vineyards are ventilated by year - round air flow, favoring the proper development of the vines. In winter, the temperature often falls significantly below zero, but this does not have an adverse effect, thanks to the technology of growing of grapes.


    Growing grapes in the farm, as well as production of wine, is closely related to the application  of state-of-the-art technologies in a combination with ancient practices typical for the time of the Thracians. Being blessed to live in an area famous for its ancient culture and history, in a region with unique nature, our credo is to follow strictly the covenants of our ancestors, adhering to the best traditions of the CRAFTSMANSHIP.

    Using the knowledge and skills bequeathed by our ancestors, we manage to cope with one of  the biggest enemies of the vine - the low winter temperatures. We apply the practice called "zagribvane", whereby a certain number of sticks from each plant before the winter period is marked and laid in the ground, and are piled with soil. Thus, the vine stays warm during the winter, until the danger of winter freezing has passed. Even in the harshest winters, plants do not experience stress from large temperature amplitudes. The area where the temperatures in the winter fall below -20oCC is both an opportunity and a challenge to achieve a unique result, typical for the high qualities of our wine.

The technology is good for:

– "Eternal Youth" – Life and development of the vine for over 100 years, without this  affecting the yield and quality of the grapes in any way; 

– Prevention of the risk of winter frostbite;

– Individual approach to the treatment of each vine, as the technology limits the use of  machinery and equipment to the maximum - up to 90% manual work, which is a real challenge nowadays; 

– Appearance – different for the classic vineyards, with its own charm and message, evokes  admiration at first sight.



с. Брестовица, община Родопи, област Пловдив ПК 4224,
ул. Александър Стамболийски, № 37



Tel: +359 886 55 31 49
Tel: +359 888 85 47 37

The cellar

"Dzhinvira" Winery is a small family winery located in the center of the village Brestovitsa.


37 Alexander Stamboliiski Str.
Brestovitsa village 4224, Rhodope municipality, Plovdiv region, Bulgaria