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History and Traditions

    Centuries before Christ the Bulgarian lands were inhabited by the Thracians, who were one of
the first horse tamers, vine cultivators, and first wine producers in the world.
Homer was the one who wrote about the Thracian wine supplied with the Achaeans’ ships on
the Maritsa river straight to the walls of Troy. Based on the hundreds of archaeological finds
and treasures found in our lands, with vine pictures or motifs drawn on them, as well as our
proximity to the Maritsa river, the assumptions that some of the wines for Troy were sent
from here seem quite well founded.

    The year 1946 is notable for a record-breaking grape harvest in the region with over
27 000  000 kg of grapes. Thousands of wagons set off for Europe, being loaded with
grapes and wine, spreading the fame and wealth of the unique Bulgarian wine-growing region. Subsequently, it was reasonably called "The Little America" because of the
hardworking, savvy and wealthy local people.

    In 2018 the village has patented as a regional trademark of origin, the name: "Brestovitsa – the  capital of wine". Thus, Bulgaria officially got its wine capital.



с. Брестовица, община Родопи, област Пловдив ПК 4224,
ул. Александър Стамболийски, № 37


E-mail: dzhinvira@gmail.com

Tel: +359 886 55 31 49
Tel: +359 888 85 47 37

The cellar

"Dzhinvira" Winery is a small family winery located in the center of the village Brestovitsa.


37 Alexander Stamboliiski Str.
Brestovitsa village 4224, Rhodope municipality, Plovdiv region, Bulgaria